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Rebecca Jordan DDS, MS

Rebecca Jordan Family Dentistry
Dr. Rebecca Jordan has been passionate about dentistry since the age of 9 in West Virginia. After dental school at West Virginia University, she eventually made her dental home in Delaware, Ohio after falling in love with the people and small-town feel.

Dr. Jordan first became aware of the significance of tongue and lip ties and why they need to be corrected when her own daughter needed treatment back in 2014. After recognizing the need for more providers in Central Ohio and beyond,

Dr. Jordan received training by other experienced professionals in the field and started seeing babies in the office in the fall of 2014. Since then, the amount of knowledge she has gained thanks to associations like the IATP and beyond has been invaluable.

Dr. Jordan is passionate about educating families of the significance of tongue-ties and how it affects so much more than feeding in infancy. Realizing the importance for dental professionals to start looking at the whole body, not just the mouth has become the centerpiece of her family-friendly practice.