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Patricia Pine

Muscles in Harmony

My excitement with Myofunctional Therapy is beyond imaginable. As a dental hygienist, I was unaware of this fantastic means of therapy. While going through this coursework bells kept going off in my head. My son who sucked his fingers had crooked teeth – he needed braces. After several years of braces all was straight, then after a few years, well teeth have memory they moved back. Therapy works!

Pat is a licensed dental hygienist for over 30+ years expanded her education in move into the medical side of oral health. She brings much experience with her as an Oro Myologist.

Pat has settled in Arizona with her husband Bob of 42 years, they have 2 grown children and a granddaughter.

Orofacial Myofunctional therapy can assist in the prevention of relapsed orthodontic work and much more. How can I help you? Contact me today.