Contact Information

  • Phone: 602-796-6070
  • 14050 N 83rd Ave, Ste 290
    Peoria, AZ 85381

Marci Gill

I am a Myofunctional Therapist in the Greater Phoenix area. I have been trained at the Academy of Myofunctional Therapy.

My experience has many success stories and I would love to add you or a loved one to the many people who share an improved and healthier lifestyle via myofunctional therapy and it’s many integrated relationships. We work closely with Physicians both pediatric and adult, ENT’s, Chiropractors, Oral Surgeons, Physical Therapists, Myofacial Release massage therapists and Orthodontists and Dentists to name a few. My services include therapy exercises for the symptoms related to: Tongue tie and tongue thrust for babies through adults. Mouth breathing. Facial pain from the TMJ, head, neck and shoulder areas. TMD with pain, clicking, asymmetry or dysfunction. Messy eating and chewing. Sleep Disorder breathing with or without the CPAP machine for children and adults. Dental sleep appliance therapy. Post surgery for the nasal passages, tonsils and adenoids and orthagnatic surgery. Postural exercises.