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Jessica N. Cain RDH. OM

iMyo Orofacial Myology of Georgetown
Hi! My name is Jessica Cain, and I have been practicing as a Registered Dental Hygienist in the state of Texas since 2007. I began my career in a pediatric office, where I soon found myself in a neuromuscular practice. It was there that I began to be interested in a specialized field known as Orofacial Myology. I presently work in a family practice where I help treat a variety of patient needs. My post-graduate training in Orofacial Myology has allowed me to own a private practice. We specialize in Orofacial Myology, and we are able to work with children, and adults who suffer from inappropriate muscle function, and incorrect habits involving the tongue, lips, jaw and face. Orofacial myologist can help their clients eliminate noxious habbits such as thumb sucking. We also aide in proper facial development through a series of exercises that help subconsiously habituate good resting patterns for the lips, and tongue. This intergration of therapy creates habbits that are vital for proper swallowing, breathing, articulation of sound, and retention of orthodontia.

My mission is to work in a progressive field of dentistry, that helps bridge the gap between modern views of medicine and dentistry. The goal is to raise the bar on patient’s standards of care, educate both professionals and individuals in the community, while maintaining optimal care for my patietns. Note that An interdisciplinary approach is most effective.

I believe, whole heartedly, that the field of Orofacial Myology and therapy can help patients in maximizing the three neccessities of life: consumption of air, water, and food. It aids in word articulation in conjunction with speech therapy. It can help with the retention of dental and or orthodontic treatment. It can aid in the enhancement of one’s appearance, and it aids in the maintenance of optimum dental health for a lifetime. These benefits stretch far beyond the dental chair. They are life changing.