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  • Atlanta, Georgia 30126

Jessica Luffey

Opus Orofacial Myology
Jessica Luffey, BM, MM, OMS
Certified Orofacial Myology Specialist
A native of the Southwest, Ms. Luffey grew up immersed in the dental and medical fields. While pursuing a career as a professional opera singer, she became fascinated with the connection between oral-health development, form, and function. She loves working with patients of all ages, from post-trauma adults to developing children. With over ten years of specialization in sound and speech production, she especially enjoys working with patients and children with speech pronunciation issues, and patients with severe oral-space deficiency. She also works closely with professional singers of all genres to facilitate and maintain healthy oral and pharyngal-cavity development, space modification/enlargement, and tongue training for easy and natural sound production. Ms. Luffey is currently studying the direct correlations between oral-cavity space/shape as it pertains to resonance, range, and vocal color in singers.