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Cindy Curtis, RN-C, IBCLC – RLC, CCE, CD

Pink Cocoon
Cindy began working with mothers & babies in 1986 as an RN in a mother/baby/labor & delivery unit. She has held her current job in a small rural hospital for over 29 years as a RN in their birthing center and she also led the facility to be the first Baby Friendly Hospital in the state. Cindy has a passion for working with laboring mothers, breastfeeding babies and their families.

In 1993, she became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and has since worked with hundreds of mothers and babies helping them reach their breastfeeding goals. Cindy founded in 1996 to offer high quality breastfeeding information to parents as well as professionals. In 2010 she founded PinkCocoon to help meet the needs of birthing and breastfeeding mothers in the community. She knows and understands the difficulty many women have trying to reach their breastfeeding goals in a society that is very much dominated by formula feeding. Cindy networks with private practice and hospital based lactation consultants around the world to stay in tune with the ever evolving field of lactation.

In 2007 Cindy received her childbirth educator certification through PCE and in 2009 she received her Doula Certification through DONA.

Cindy has been married since 1986 and is the mother of 2 grown children who were breastfed. Her difficulty nursing her own children spurred her interest to help mothers and babies succeed at breastfeeding.