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Carmen M. Woodland

Integrative Myofunctional Therapy
I’ve been in dental hygiene for 15 years. After many years, I began to get bored with dental hygiene but I loved the teaching and helping part of my job. I was introduced to myofunctional therapy in 2005. From then on, I began to notice that a lot of conversations were not being had because either the dental hygienist or the dentist didn’t have the proper information and education to talk with the patient or parent. Fast forward several years and many hours of clinical practice, a jaunt to graduate school to earn an MBA and then deciding that I really liked teaching and helping people more than I loved business forecasting and balance sheets! So, I aligned with an incredible mentor who whipped me back into “Myofunctional” shape and here I am working with my very own patients! My focus is on treating the patient as a whole and not just putting a band-aid on symptoms.

My passion is identification, awareness and treatment of myofunctional dysfunction. I named my business Integrative Myofunctional Therapy because I integrate expertise from many specialists so that I can properly treat all areas of myofunctional dysfunction. These fields include lactation consultants, pediatricians, dentists, dental hygienists, speech pathologists, myofunctional therapists, orthodontists, allergists and ENT’s. I feel that it’s important to educate all of the aforementioned practitioners, but most of all, I am very passionate about educating two primary groups of people: lactation consultants and dental hygienists. These two groups are specially relevant to the forefront of identifying myofunctional dysfunction as well as providing education.