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Barbara J. Greene

In private practice since 1971
Therapist, teacher, speaker and author Barbara J. Greene was first trained in myofunctional therapy by the visionary teachers Daniel Garliner, MA, and Roy Langer, PhD, at their Institute of Myofunctional Therapy in Coral Gables, Florida. She began her practice in 1971 while pursuing further study with other notable therapists, including Richard Barrett, MA, in Tucson, Arizona, and William Zickefoose, BA, COM, in Sacramento, California. Since then, Barbara has helped hundreds of children and adults correct their myofunctional disorders by guiding them through a simple, year-long therapeutic program to establish and maintain proper orofacial function.

Eventually, she became a teacher herself, training therapists, consulting dental practices and coordinating the Pacific Coast Study Club for many years. She currently leads the Southern California Myofunctional Therapy Study Club at White Memorial Hospital, Los Angeles. Highly regarded by colleagues and patients alike, Barbara is considered one of the foremost therapists practicing in the US today.