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Amparo David DMD

Dr. Amparo David, her passion is finding the origin of the problem, and treat it. I am a simple General Dentist that got involved in the treatment of Orthopedic Orthodontics (ALF) Craniofacial Pain and Sleep Apnea some years ago when my father was diagnosed with the latter. I noticed most of the patients that presented to treat their TMJ and Sleep Apnea problems either had tongue ties, mouth breath, have a forward head posture, tongue thrust, used to suck their thumbs, have very narrow jaws, etc.

All this conditions have a common denominator, weak oropharyngeal and orofacial musculature. Myofunctional therapy is a series of exercises that help this muscles start working properly, keep the tongue in the roof of the mouth for proper brain function. Is like doing Yoga!!!

In my office my hygienists Alicia Anderson RDH., Kay Soupharath RDH and me are the Myofunctional Therapists.