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Agnieszka Beckford

Precision Arts Dental Associates
“I’ve been learning about impact of proper posture and oral habits on development of the jaw for many years .I realized that to make a difference you need to start early.The best approach is to prevent : prevent malocclusion, prevent development of narrow arches , hypotonic muscles and allowing airway to grow to its full potential .
I find it very disturbing when a child with obvious behavioral and functional problems ( picky eaters, mouth-breathers, kids with long faces and narrow arches ) are advised to wait for a treatment when they 9-10 year old.
Crooked teeth besides their appearance are rather harmless. However, these crooked teeth may be a signal of more problematic issue – poor development of the jaws . Distorted jaws influence more vital functions such as breathing.
The common misconception is that crooked teeth and narrow arches are genetic . The truth is that DNA evolved into plans for wide jaws which result in ample airway.We are not only the product of our genes – but rather the product of interaction of genes and environment.
The last few hundreds years brought lots of changes – diet, habits, environment .Mouth-breathing is a plaque of today’s world . Sometimes all it takes is to correct the modern environment in which children develop , especially how they chew , how they rest their mouth when not eating or talking .
Parents look at your kids: Do they breathe through their mouth? Do they snore? Do they have a “gummy” smile? Are they sitting straight?
Myofunctional exercises really work if repeated regularly. Give it a try.
Start today.”