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Jenny Gularte, RDH

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Most babies are born with a natural ability to latch on to the breast and feed. In order to do this, their tongue comes forward which is a normal pattern for infants. Usually at age 1 to 3, the teeth erupt and the baby stops nursing and learns how to drink and eat and the tongue finds roof of the mouth and reverses direction. Sometimes this natural progression is altered and a whole series of dysfunctions develop.

This is a story that must be told. It dramatically alters people’s lives. I have been practicing for years and have seen remarkable transformations in the health of my patients. I saw ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) issues, headaches, and TMJ (jaw) pain stop. I was a dental hygienist and I decided to learn and study everything I could in the field. I have seen so many patients having surgery after surgery, taking many medications, and generally seeking the wrong type of health care and suffering immensely.

I now practice in San Diego, California, Orofacial myofunctional therapy has been known in the research since the early 1900’s. Currently, this emerging therapeutic treatment has become professionalized with a certification process available to speech pathologists, dental hygienists, and allied health care professionals. Unfortunately, however, most people and even doctors or dentists, are unaware that this life-enhancing therapy even exists.

What causes myofunctional disorders? Researchers used to think it was bottle feeding. But now many therapists feel it is mouth breathing or oral habits such as thumb sucking or overuse of a pacifier. Also, a short frenum (the string that attaches the tongue to the floor of the mouth) may be the cause.