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I’m passionate about dental and airway health. I’ve been in the dental field since 2010 and graduated from Dental Hygiene school in 2015 at the top of my class, receiving both Valedictorian and the best in clinic Golden Scaler award. I’ve been enthusiastically practicing dental hygiene since then where I’ve grown my clinical skills and deepened my understanding of the mouth and body connection. After learning about Myofunctional Therapy, I realized that over the years I’ve seen thousands of patients with myofunctional disorders and knew I wanted to help them. I even realized how these disorders were affecting myself and my family. This was the missing puzzle piece. I made the decision to continue my education and become an Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist. I started my own private practice, Santa Barbara Myo, in Dec 2023. I am currently seeing children, age 5 and older, teens and adults. The focus of my practice is airway health and helping individuals return to their physiologic normal so they can breathe optimally and thrive.

Santa Barbara Myo

Santa Barbara Myo is an Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy practice serving Santa Barbara county and beyond via telehealth. Orofacial “mouth and face” myofunctional “muscle function” therapy (OMT) is a neuromuscular re-education of the oral and facial muscles. It’s done through a series of tailored exercises, awareness and reduction of muscle compensations. The overarching goal is to restore normal function by correcting improper muscle movements, teaching correct chewing, swallowing and breathing patterns, and improving airway health. This therapy is used to manage a variety of disorders including: tongue tie, tongue thrust, low tongue posture/open mouth posture, anterior open bite, grinding and clenching, TMJ pain, snoring/sleep apnea, chronic headaches/neck pain, GERD, chronic bloating/gas, habit elimination such as thumb sucking/nail biting, chronic fatigue/waking up tired and anxiety/nervous system regulation.

  • Mount Ida College, Newton, MA- Graduated valedictorian dental hygiene class of 2015
  • Santa Barbara Myo, Owner, Myofunctional Therapist from 2023-present
  • Johnson Family Dental, RDH from 2015-present

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